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3rd-Dec-2020 08:15 pm - FIC MASTER POST
brb busy reading fanfic
Nellie’s Masterlist


I also give blanket permission for any podficcing/remixing/etc of my fics. Just credit me and throw me a link to the finished product when you're done. :)
10th-Nov-2016 09:12 am - FEEL GOOD FICLET MEME POST [NSFW]
 A couple of people have talked about wanting something like this right now, so here we are: a good ol' fic meme! 

1. Feel free to request ships/provide little prompts for people to fill.

2. Or just write something you want to!

3. You can write two sentences or two pages or whatever takes your fancy, but short and sweet is the main idea today.

4. Multiple responses encouraged, chatter/comments A+ OK.

5. ONLY ONE MAJOR RULE: THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD ONLY. Porn totally allowed, but let's save our angst and dark stuff for another day. 

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15th-Nov-2012 08:18 pm(no subject)



Basically, everyone I know is fired for not telling me about this book two years ago when it was published, because it is EVERYTHING MY ID LONGS FOR AND MORE when it comes to a) my love of zombies b) my love of dystopia c) my love of human/other stuff and d) my love for love stories. It's written from the POV of 'R', a zombie, and is about what happens when he saves a human girl and takes her with him instead of eating her. Now, for me, and some of you guys too I know, that will be an advertisement. I know some of you might be cobbsquinting at it though, so bear with me.


Isaac Marion is an amazing writer. His way with words is just kdhfkjdfhgfjkd and it really shows in the way he executes this story. It works so beautifully, so fucking achingly, and it's about so much more than just "zombie meets girl meets drama" (see point 3). Some choice quotes to give you a bit of an idea:

There is a chasm between me and the world outside of me. A gap so wide my feelings can't cross it. By the time my screams reach the other side, they have dwindled into groans.
Maybe my infection can't travel through soft moments like these. Maybe it needs the violence of the bite.

After a few hours, with her fear safely tucked away in her dreams, she rolls over, removing most of the gap between us. She's facing me now. Her faint breath tickles my ear. If she were to wake up right now, would she scream? Could I ever make her understand how safe she really is? I won't deny that this proximity ignites more urges in me than the instinct to kill and eat. But although these new urges are there, some of them startling in their intensity, all I really want to do is lie next to her. In this moment, the most I'd ever hope for would be for her to lay her head on my chest, let out a warm, contented breath, and sleep.
I try valiantly not to stare at her as she arches her back and stretches, adjusting her bra strap and letting out a little whimper. I can see every muscle and vertebra, and since she’s already half naked I imagine her without skin. I know from grim experience that there is a beauty to her inner layers, too. Marvels of symmetry and craftmanship sealed away inside her like the jewelled movements of a timepiece, fine works of art never meant to be seen.
How nice if I could edit my own life. If I could halt in the middle of a sentence and put it all to rest in a drawer somewhere, consummate my amnesia and forget all the things that have happened, are happening, and are about to happen. Shut my eyes and go to sleep happy.

But no, R. No sleep of the innocent. Not for you. Did you forget? You have blood on your hands. On your lips. On your teeth. Smile for the cameras.


Warm Bodies really is so much more than "Twilight with zombies", as it's unfairly being slugged about the place. The love story is essential and integral, yes, but from R's perspective with Marion's prose it becomes this amazing love song to being human and all the things worth fighting for in that being. I'm still drowning in too many feelings to really put together much cohesive meta or analytical talk about this right now, but it truly is far deeper than most paranormal romance.


Underneath all of the above are all the countless subtle ways this book/canon sings delicious siren songs to my id. Love! Scenting! Sweet tentative slow burn! Protectiveness! Bed sharing! Blood! Kissing! Guns! Zombies! EVERYTHING.
And here is the movie trailer, which plays things with a slightly more explicit humour than the book seems to but still looks skjdhfksdfkjsdfjk
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First of all, thank you for writing for me! Second, I got a bit specific with my requests, so please feel free to take as little or as much as you like on board.

I love slash and I love porn, but if either of those things don't float your boat, I'm more than happy with gen character stuff in any of these fandoms too. I only have a couple of hard DNW lines; scat, watersports, and in the case of these four fandoms, no mpreg or AU either please. Everything else is pretty fair game so long as it feels right for the characters and the story, but if you have any particular questions about my taste and kinks that aren't covered in this post, get in contact with Lydia (platina), who knows my preferences better than I do some days and will be happy to point you in the right direction. As a very general list, I love guns, bamfery, possessiveness, domesticity, marking, blood/knife/weapon play, fluid bonding, mutual wound tending, snark and banter, genuine love underneath camaraderie and professional partnership... lots of things, really. XD; My own fic backlist might give you an idea of the kind of plots/dynamics/kinks I enjoy, too.

Now let's talk about fandoms! WITH PICTURES.


Smith (aka The Jeff and Tom OTP Show, or The Show That in The Future Will Probably Be Called ‘The Slashy Show with Patríck Jane and Sherlock Holmes’) is a TV show that ran for 3 episodes before being cancelled. 7 were filmed though, and while they definitely have their problems (the main focus of the show is on the wrong characters, in my opinion) they’re super fun if you like quirky crime shenanigans.

Jeff and Tom are two of the more interesting characters. They clearly have a lot of history despite having very little in common on the surface, and for all their sass and snark they work together incredibly well when it comes to ridiculous heists. They live together, work together, sideeye each others’ girlfriends and conquests, get into fights, and would pretty much do anything for each other.

I’d love a fic that expands on their interesting dynamic and relationship. If this involves smut, that would be awesome, but even just heists and snark and guns and kittens would be amazing.

Alien vs Predator

something something alien thighs
Scar and Alexa’s connection really made this movie for me, and if human/alien porn doesn’t float your boat the way it does mine I’d still love something that focuses on their interaction and the contrasts and conflicts there... as well as the similarities. Fix-it where Scar lived and Lex went with the Yautja would be particularly awesomesauce, and yes, if it happened to go in the direction of human/yautja experimentation and exploration, I would bake you a cake. TO REITERATE THOUGH, anything focusing on the human and alien interaction/dynamic will make me ridiculously happy, I love everything to do with that kind of culture/biology clash.


The Dinosaur Project

I really love how open the end of this movie was for extrapolation about Luke’s life with the dinosaurs, and Crypto. Tell me about it please! Luke and Crypto bonding! Making a nest, learning to forage for food and communicate. What does Luke do with his time? I would totally not be adverse to some Luke/bigger!Crypto so long as Crypto is treated as intelligent and self-aware, if potentially susceptible to instinct.

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10th-Sep-2012 09:15 am - Grimm Art/Fic Exchange!

Sign ups for the Grimm Art/Fic Exchange are open until September 24th!
[ Info/Rules | Sign Up | Pinch-Hitter Sign Up ]
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TLDR: There was going to be a Paradise Lost movie. The lovely KT ([personal profile] abuseofreason ) incepted a bunch of us into how AMAZINGLY awesome and slashable this was going to be, only for us all to weep when the movie was cancelled literally days later. BUT WE ARE FANS AND FANS NEVER SAY NEVER, so we carried on and decided to have a fandom anyway.

And it was epic.


1. Having read Paradise Lost is absolutely not necessary. If you like the sound of angsty angel slash and know the gist of the story of Lucifer's fall from heaven, you're in!

2. Bradley Cooper was going to play Lucifer, and Casey Affleck was going to play Gabriel. It also needs to be noted that there is a SIGNIFICANT height difference here and the loss of these two standing toe to toe as Lucifer and Gabriel is a truly tragic thing. The full cast list from the now deleted IMDB page can be found here.

3. The entire post linked above is worth trawling through for gifs and quotes and general fun awesome flailing, but here are a couple of links to ficlets people wrote. There's heaps of notfic throughout the other post though, so definitely go have a read!


4. It is my birthday so everyone should definitely party with us and write lots of angsty wing porn for me. LITTLE DOVE, OKAY. 

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Archiving this here as well. I have been planning to write a proper, coherent rebuttal to all the most frustrating excuses people give for hating Juliette, but that will have to keep sitting on the backburner for now. To be clear, I have no problem with people disliking Juliette. My buddy [personal profile] recrudescence hates her face pretty literally, and I have no beef with that. What I have a beef with is people presenting "reasons" for hating her that actually make no sense/are completely unfair to the canon. Such as this:

I Strongly dislike Juliette. There, I said it.

I dislike her for one reason, and one only:



Gif 1= Exhibit A. She clearly knows something is up. She is smart enough to connect the dots. What is her conclusion? Perhaps those fairytales are real! Cool, Juliette is on the same wavelenght as Nick right?



Gif 2= Exhibit B. Nick has just told her fairytales are real! You’d think she’d understand given the fact she JUST TOLD NICK THAT EXACT THING. Nope, she decides to flip out on her boyfriend she ‘loves soooo much, but doesn’t want to marry because hes being sheltered’. First she wants the truth, then she doesn’t. She believes in the supernatural, then she doesn’t. This drives me insane.

I have a lot of problems with this take on the situation. I’m on heavy meds rn for my chest infection BUT I CAN’T HANDLE THE RAGE I HAVE HERE so I’m going to try to be coherent anyway.

There is a very, very big difference between having a weird passing moment where you think something totally crazy and voice it to somebody you trust, and having that person behave in a way that, to all intents and purposes, is fucking insane. There’s a massive difference between, “HEY MAYBE FAIRY TALE CREATURES ARE REAL” and ”LOOK AT MY MURDER TRAILER I PROMISE I’M NOT CRAZY EVEN THOUGH I AM TELLING YOU I KILL THINGS YOU CANT SEE THAT LOOK LIKE NORMAL HUMANS TO YOU”.

Juliette was super mature when she told Nick they can’t get married yet. I love how communicative and strong and adult their relationship is. She loves him, and knows he loves her, but it’s true they need to sort out this wall between them first.

Nick knows that too, and it’s obvious throughout the eps that not being able to be honest with Juliette is really hurting him. He wants to tell her, but it’s true… he’ll sound insane. Think about it, honestly: your partner tells you right now that they can see fairytale creatures and sometimes they have to kill the bad ones. Of course you’d be freaked out. Of course you wouldn’t just be oh okay awesome honey thanks for sharing.

As much as it broke my fucking heart, Juliette’s reaction in the finale is completely real and justified. You can see it on her face as Nick gets more and more animated in the trailer… she’s thinking, oh god, the man I love really has lost his mind.

Despite this very understandable reaction, she gets back in the car with him, which on its own speaks to how much she trusts and loves him despite what he has just told her. Think honestly again: if your partner just told you he kills evil things with human faces, while showing you their secret trailer of weapons, how would you feel? Would you feel safe getting into a car with them?

But Juliette does. Juliette goes with him to see Monroe, to give him a chance, and it’s obvious in that scene that her initial tearful, distraught response has evolved into something else. She’s calmer. She’s angry and confused and worried about her partner, who she loves and wants to marry.

Well DUH

Unfortunately, she doesn’t get a chance to calm down from the shock of what has just happened. She doesn’t get a chance to listen to and see Monroe, to go talk to Rosalee, to come to terms with this impossible, insane, crazy thing she has just been told. But it seems obvious that she would get there just fine, if given a chance. She does want the truth, but the truth in this case is a very difficult complex thing to swallow, so of course it is going to take a little time.

Her reaction in the heat of the moment was completely understandable and realistic, and I side-eye the fuck out of anyone who suggests that it makes her a bitch, or indecisive.

ETA: I also think the whole thing would have gone far, far better if it had been done calmly, in a planned out way that capitalised on the fact that yes, Juliette HAS seen things she can’t explain. But it wasn’t. It was rushed and unplanned and Nick was worried and angry and boiled over with all his own feelings and frustrations, his intense fear and how much he hates having to put that wall between them to begin with, and it all coalesced into a gross situation that really couldn’t have expected any other reaction from Juliette. This entry was originally posted at http://cthonical.dreamwidth.org/101287.html
So Season 1 of Grimm wrapped up a couple of months ago and the new season premieres on August 13th! For those of you who didn't get into it at first or have been hmming and hawing about watching it, I now give you:

(and episode recs to start with)

1. Nick's Face

Nick Burkhardt is a magical human being who is ridiculously handsome and manages to be gorgeous even when making the most outrageous faces. There really isn't much commentary to add to this, so I will just let the gifs do the talking.

2. Monroe & Nick Being Awesome Dorky Bros

Monroe and Nick's relationship really is one of the main emotional notes in the show, and they're brilliant. It's really  helped by how great Silas Weir Mitchell is as Monroe the kind of awkward cello playing vegetarian wolf creature who fanboys out over Nick's Grimm stuff, and by how great the chemistry between them is in general. As everyone pretty much knows I ship it super hard (as part of a Juliette>Nick<Monroe OT3).

They have lots of dates.</div>
3. Unique Worldbuilding

For all that it keeps getting compared to Supernatural, and for all the hiccups and flaws in the writing, Grimm really does have a really interesting, unique mythology with so much potential for growth. It's pretty obvious that it took the show a while to hit its stride and by the time the finale rolled round Nick had only just begun to scratch the surface of the Grimm world. It's not the usual vampires or werewolves or demons that are always so popular and, in my opinion, often overdone and a bit tired. It's a really fresh take on the twisted fairytale concept with lots of interesting creatures and worldbuilding. 

Starting Episode Recs

So, where do you start? I'm the first person to say that Grimm was particularly patchy early on (but I still fell in love with it by episode 3-4!), so these are my recommendations for a beginner, even though the worldbuilding might not necessarily be obvious without the exposition of the earliest episodes:

Episode 1.06: The Three Bad Wolves

This is widely considered one of the best episodes of the season and really is an example of how strong Grimm is capable of being. It covers a lot of Monroe background, the conflict Nick has between his new duties as a Grimm and his responsibilities as a detective, and the way Wesen (creatures in the Grimm world) live in general. It's also just really fun, and has a super cheesy (BUT LET'S BE REAL, AWESOME IN THE IMPLICATIONS) scene that informed us that the wolf creatures in the Grimm world have rough bloody animalistic fight sex in the woods. I mean seriously.

Episode 1.11: Tarantella

This ep is a good balance between the police procedural aspects of the show and the urban paranormal ones. It also has some adorable Monroe/Nick moments, and more interesting worldbuilding about the way Wesen fit into human society. 

Episode 1.12: Last Grimm Standing

Wesen fight club, Monroe and Nick being spectacular idiots together, and ultimately fighting back to back. There is nothing not to love about this ridiculousness. 

Episode 1.19: Leave It To Beavers

Another ep that balances the two aspects of the show really well and is particularly strong because of it, Leave It To Beavers is also just super fun. The beavers are such fun characters and Nick is really coming into his own as a Grimm by this ep, so it all comes together as, possibly, one of my absolute favourite episodes of the season overall. 

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18th-Jun-2012 06:39 am - FIC: Yggdrasil, In Spring
Title: Yggdrasil, In Spring
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,216
Pairing: Thor/Loki (in his lady form)
*Content*: Off-screen bestiality, Lady!Loki, Heterosexual Sex, Penetration, Cunnilingus, Incest
Summary: There's more than one reason why Loki likes to make Thor jealous.

“You’re as much a beast as any I’ve ever fucked, brother. But can you live up to it?”
16th-Apr-2012 11:13 am - Harder Better Faster Porner
1. SO. STUFF. Uni is pretty much over, thank fuck, and I am moooving on in my life. TLDR story short, I have a bit of work doing some copyediting for a small press horror publisher here in Australia atm, and I'm really hoping to build up my resume around that sort of work and hopefully score a decent job editing for a romance/erotica epublisher. In the meantime I'm going to be working on a Cert III in Business because it's pretty relevant to the publishing industry too, and it'll also let me get a real job in six months time if something in publishing hasn't come through. I'm feeling super positive and excited! It's really fun work and, failing to make money actually writing things I like, making money reading and promoting and working on things I like is the next best thing. LET'S NOT TALK ABOUT HOW NARELLE IS SEVERELY UNSUITED TO ACADEMIA AND SHOULD HAVE ADMITTED THIS TO HERSELF SOONER. XD

2. GRIMM is bringing it, you guys. I know I'm biased but it really just keeps getting stronger and better and this week's ep was just kshdksfsd. I don't know how I will survive the finale oh my god.

Nick is still ridiculously prettyhandsome. Especially when he's been roughed up.

He's also still a fucking munchkin cat next to Monroe, be still all my kinks oh my god. SCRUFFY WOLFMAN/PRETTY DETECTIVE FOREVER OKAY.

Speaking of, Monroe is so adorably concerned with Nick's well-being these days ugh, my heart, I can't.

I am planning a big post about Juliette, and all my Juliette feelings and why I ship her and Nick so hard and why I think they are such an amazing canon TV couple, but for now just know that Juliette kicks ass and they are so in love it hurts. REALLY. IT HURTS.

SASSY SHOULDER BOUNCE she is going to peg him so hard later and he is going to like it.


I would also still pay to see this version of the Avengers, because we all know that with Joss I-want-to-tear-out-all-your-hearts Whedon at the helm, it's not going to be like this at all.

4. AND ONE MORE THING before this gets way too TLDR. I'm planning on doing the 100 things meme as an exercise in defeating my writer block, my continuing painful horrible block. So I'll be doing ONE HUNDRED THINGS ABOUT WRITING PORN + at least 100 words of porn with each post. I already have some ideas for the first few at least, but if you have any questions/anything you'd be interested in seeing covered/any prompts for the accompanying drabbles, tell me so here! :D

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