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Formerly Butterflythread.

Writer. Fangirl. WoW Addict. 24 years old. English major, one day to be English professor. I'm working on it. Lover of new friends and bubble tea.

sasray@hotmail.com is my email for just about everything including MSN and AIM. I am chatty like you wouldn't believe so if you're ever in need of someone who can talk for hours about writing, fic, meta, fandom, and general nerdiness, give me a poke. :3

a:tlab, acting, advent children, alyssa day, angelic pretty, anime, anne bishop, aprons, arthur, arthur/eames, battlestar galactica, bleach, books, butterflies, cats, clamp, comics, cosplay, crack, cyberpunk, dead like me, deadpool, demyx anti-defamation league, deviant prophets, dexter, drama, dungeons and dragons, fake, fallen, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, feathers, final fantasy, finding nemo, firefly, fishnets, fog, frost, gena showalter, good omens, harry potter, heroes (tv series), hetalia, horde, horror, inception, ironman, japanese, jennifer fallon, jim henson, jonathan coulton, kids, kindred:the embraced, kingdom hearts, kink meme, klavier gavin, knitting, labyrinth, laughing, legend of zelda, letters, lolita fashion, loveless, lulz, lupin, macbeth, madame xanadu, magic: the gathering, manga, marianne de pierres, midnighter, movies, music, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, night owl ii, nintendo, noir, ocean, pandect, paranormal romance, penny arcade, penpals, petticoats, phoenix wright, photos, pokemon, pokemon tcg, prince of persia, princess princess, professor layton, pulp fiction, pushing daisies, rain, reading, ribbons, rpg's, ruffles, samurai 7, sara douglass, schism, science fiction, seriously, sewing, shakespeare, slash, something positive, star wars, stormwatch, stripey knee-high socks, sukisyo, tad williams, teaching, the authority, ties, tigers, torchwood, trashy romance, ttgl, twilight, tyranids, video games, warhammer 40k, watchmen, webcomics, white ninja, wicca, william gibson, winter, world of warcraft, writing, xxxholic